2019 CF Open Prep Seminar

This seminar will consist of 3 separate sessions, all hosted by Coach Jason on Feb 16th @ RH CrossFit EAST.  The seminar will cover different aspects of training for competing in the CF Open. Each session will include multiple opportunities for discussion, progression and practice of the various skills on which we will be focusing.  Expect a combination of a lecture/classroom setting to review basic concepts along with a portion for practical application and practice. Space will be limited to 10 people PER SESSION. Once a session is filled, no more registrants will be allowed. If i need to host a second seminar, I will. SIGN UP AT EITHER GYM LOCATION ON THE SIGN UP SHEET. Below are the breakouts of what will be included in each session.

Date: Saturday, February 16

Location: Red Hills CrossFit EAST

Cost: $45/session; $120 for all 3 sessions


  • Session 1 (9:00-11:00a)

  • Session 2 (11:30a-1:30p)

  • Session 3 (1:30-3:30p)


Session 1: Gymnastic Skills (9:00a - 11:00a)

  • Handstands, Handstand Push-ups, Handstand Walks

  • Pull-up Progressions

    • Kipping, Butterfly

    • Chest-to-Bar, Bar Muscle-ups, Ring Muscle-ups

  • Toes-to-Bar Progressions

  • Pistols (If time allows)

    • Pistols have not historically been in the Open, so I’m not expecting them this year, but if we have time, we will practice some progressions and techniques we can use to get better at them

Session 2: Competition Prep (11:30a - 1:30p)

*NOTE: This is when we will have lunch.  Lunch will not be provided, so bring your own or eat beforehand.*

  • Competition Mindset

    • How to approach each Open Workout

    • Planning a strategy for each WOD (when to rest vs. when to push)

      • Personal strategy included for each of the 5 weeks of the Open

    • Staying focused under duress/fatigue

  • What’s in your Gym Bag

    • Which equipment has proven to be most useful for competition

    • What is necessary vs. what is excessive

    • When to use certain equipment

  • Breathing/Bracing

    • Understanding when to breath for each movement

    • Practicing different breathing cadences for expected movements

  • General Whole Body Warm-up

    • Coach Jason’s go-to warm-up sequence to prep for anything

  • Mobility

    • Techniques to target some of the most common problem areas for mobility

    • Identifying some of your own personal mobility limitations and how to work on them



Session 3: Weighted Movements/Miscellaneous Skills (1:30p - 3:30p)

  • Barbell Cycling

    • Deadlift, Clean, Snatch, Shoulder-to-Overhead, Thrusters

    • Speed vs. Efficiency

    • Breathing/Pacing

  • Dumbbell Movements

    • DB Snatch, DB Clean, OH/Front Rack Lunge

    • Efficiency tips

  • Miscellaneous Movements

    • Double Unders, Rowing, Wall Balls, Burpees

    • Progressions and Practice for each

    • Moving efficiently for each

    • Breathing cadences