Does your back round when you are squatting?  If so, you might lack core stability. Normally the rounding occurs in the ascent of the squat.  This a common occurrence for people who are new to lifting weights and if not corrected, it will limit the amount of weight you lift, and/or more importantly may result in a back injury.  Luckily, there is a relatively easy fix.

To execute the squat, you need all of your muscles around your spine to work together to maintain proper form.  Your core will collapse during a simple air squat if the muscles around your spine are not activated. Without correction, this collapse will only get worse with additional load.

The initial step is to take a deep breath. You want to feel like your filling up your belly with air. Obviously air is not going into your stomach, but this allows you to effectively activate your diaphragm.

Once you you’ve taken this deep breath, you want to brace your core like you’re about to take a punch to the gut. When we combine a deep breath and bracing, the pressure in our abdomen rises through the roof. This stabilizes our spine and helps us squat heavy weight without rounding our back.

Practice breathing and bracing with air squats to master the technique. And then master it with lighter weights before moving to heavier weights.

I hope this helps with your squat!


Coach Bill

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