The community within a box is the cornerstone of what makes CrossFit so great.  Support, accountability, and camaraderie are just some of the many benefits of a strong CrossFit community.  Working out at a local box holds us accountable each and every day, whether through coaching, small group classes or the leaderboard.  One thing is for sure though; working out in a CrossFit is much more enjoyable because of all the support it provides.

The CrossFit community is so special because of its’ unity through diversity.  It’s full of individuals from all different walks of life that have the desire and will to better not only themselves but the people around them.  That’s one of the biggest differences you’ll experience in a CrossFit, the collective drive to succeed.

The CrossFit community continues to provide support even after the workout is done.  How often have you encouraged others that haven’t finished the WOD, or even been cheered on yourself until the very end?  No one is done with the workout until EVERYONE is done. Every class is a team, and teams stick together.

The importance of support is that it provides motivation. When we’re tired and struggling during a workout we sometimes begin to doubt ourselves.  Having a group of people there to encourage us gives us the confidence and motivation to push a little harder and finish!

CrossFitters always come together when facing adversity.  We encourage each other to perform better and reach goals that we thought were unattainable.  And we discover that the impossible becomes possible with the help and support of our community.

Community and camaraderie is the most important aspect of what makes a great CrossFit box.  It is something that we can continue to grow by welcoming new members and making them feel that they are accepted as part of our family.

 See you in the gym!

Coach Cody